Models of Radical Disruption and Subversive Decentralization
A decentralized thinking container to provide network cells with resources for researchers, artist and thinkers. The Black Mirror Institute serves as fluid container between public research institutions, governments, private corporations and newly constituted entities. The products and projects can be a variety of material or immaterial things such as models, research, reports or project executions. Experimental basic research is the core of each thought, of each action and of each element of this 'Think Tank'.
'Dialectic Subversion' us used as an individual approach to the world and the application of 'Negative Affirmation' as collective consciousness. This leads to the destruction of beliefs and ideologies, the fundamental prerequisite for rapidly changing perspectives.
What looks like coldness and aloofness to the outside world is actually a response to being overwhelmed by emotion. It is an excess of empathy, not a lack of it, that plagues the Black Mirror Institute and guides it in the way it looks at the world, at technology and the impact of networked realities today, tomorrow and UBERMORGEN.
Black Mirror's more or less constant goal, throughout its whole existence, has been to reflect your own ugliness back to you. (The Black Mirror is the black reflective surface of all your devices.) Its project is to explore the many ways technology might help us or save us - and though its best projects have steered us towards salvation, most of the time the Black Mirror Institute tends to wallow in technology's ability to distort and distend our basic humanity into the ugliest version of itself. Black mirrors, black puddles of water, but also the black holes/water as a gate to the underworld. And Black Mirrors have their origin in an optical instrument that painters used to be able to paint landscapes true to nature. The ultimate goal ist to create a 'Unified Black Mirror Theory' connecting all ressources, human-machine networks and models into a model where time and space are mere atomic memories of how desperate linear hierarchical thinking and research are.
Partners: UBERMORGEN Vienna, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, NRW Kultursekretariat Wuppertal, Institute of Network Cultures Amsterdam,
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